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        As a national strategy and gateway to expand China's opening up, the Pilot Free Trade Zone (Pilot FTZ) has carried out institutional reform and innovation in areas of investment, foreign trade, finance and administration to provide an even positive and liberalized environment for investment and trade within the zone. It has adopted the negative list for investment management, simplified foreign trade procedures, promoted financial system reform to realize RMB capital account convertibility, and advocated administrative innovation as a way to transform government functions. Haikou FTZ is poised to serve as a vital and busy intersection conjoining the domestic and international markets. To this end, policy practices within the Pilot FTZ will be implemented such as:
        (1) New assistance methods for maintenance services operations within the FTZ.
        (2) “Record once” with customs for repeat transactions.
        (3) FTZ-established processing companies receive regulatory and other compliance assistance, with easing of restrictions on commissioned processing.
        (4) Warehousing facilitation for both foreign and domestically produced goods.
        (5) Bulk commodity bonded transactions.
        (6) Bonded exhibition and trade goods shall be managed by type and with pre-inspection and registration verification.
        (7) Greater assistancewith the circulation of bonded goods within Customs Special Supervision Regions.
        Haikou FTZ will implement future policy initiatives and developments to enhance the services of the Pilot FTZ.
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