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        To facilitate and ease the entry of new companies into the FTZ, the administrative committee has established a streamlined application and approval system, including project construction approvals, supervision, legal compliance, etc.
        (1) With the exception of fire safety certification, all the necessary inspections and approvals processes and procedures can be conducted quickly and efficiently on-site, with the minimum of administrative bureaucracy (usually in only a one or two step process).
        (2) Construction and planning standards and regulations are made available and accessible on the FTZ’s official website. The FTZ can also streamline the process with a variety of services, such as preparation for the Environmental Impact Assessment, free soil and water conservation studies and geo-studies. Assistance with construction planning according to China’s planning and construction regulations can also be given by our administrative examination and approval department. All in all, we will provide an efficient service allowing you to concentrate on your project planning and construction design in an expeditious and cost-effective manner, saving both time and money!
        (3) From project start to finish, the FTZ provides a full suite of communications and service facilities to enable your enterprise. These include everything from online and offline consulting and information, a dedicated personal liaison representative as your first point of contact, a feedback and action service, telephone hotlines, social media connections and presence, and services via the official FTZ website.
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